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However, it lacks ease of use in comparison to its older versions. From a business oriented perspective, this may help the software become lucrative to professional users who are well acquainted…
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Windows 8.1
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Windows 8 Introduction Windows 8 offers a wide range of features and up d apps to benefit its users. However, it lacks ease of use in comparison to its older versions. From a business oriented perspective, this may help the software become lucrative to professional users who are well acquainted with the features and apps of Windows 8.1 or have need for such tools (The New York Times Company, 2013). The objective of the paper is to discuss about the upgraded version of Windows 8.1 from a critical perspective. This assignment elaborates on the new features and apps of Windows 8.1, comparing those with the older versions, on the basis of their ease of access. Correspondingly, a user-point of view has been considered in this essay.
Windows 8.1 comprises a bunch of new features and apps, identifiable as better visible enhancement options, a tight integration of OneDrive, additional number of snap views, and support to internet explorer 11 among others. Besides, it possesses the capacity of restoring a start button on the taskbar and replacing previous reactions when opening the desktop at the time of login. 3D printing, High-resolution display, Miracast Streaming and Wi-Fi Direct are a few of the new features that Windows 8.1 presents to all users of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is in this context that to access these new features and apps, users of Windows 8.1 has to take the help of technical support team, which in turn indicates lack of ease of use (Microsoft, 2014).

From the ease of point of view, new users of Windows 8.1, who are still used to the features of Windows XP Professional package or Windows Vista package, need to update their systems with Windows 8.1 package. It is in this regards that designers have to keep in mind that after updating the system with Windows 8.1, users can freely accustom its features as per their convenience, which will result to their enhanced ease of use. Again, following the installation of the new version of Windows 8.1, many of the old features get automatically removed from the system, causing confusions for the users and inhibiting their ease of use. This particular factor also needs to be updated, according to the user specification (USA Today, 2013).
Windows 8.1 was introduced with many new features according to the user preferences. For example, a tight integration of OneDrive has made photography a favorite pass time for Windows 8.1 users. In addition, updated version of Internet Explorer 11 along with enhanced features of 3D printing, Miracast Streaming, Wi-Fi Direct and High Resolution Display, justifies high pay for the software. Free app and features always adds a pleasure for its users too. However, because these features lack ease of use for any amateur user, only professionals are likely to pay higher for the software (The New York Times, 2012).
Many amateur users do not require all the features presented by Windows 8.1, which rather makes it challenging for them to use this software. Hence, this particular lacuna degrades the ease of use demanded by any and every user. Therefore, it is suggestible that designers should try to enhance the compatibility features of the software to inculcate features of its older versions so that ease of use can be maintained at a higher degree.

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