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With the overall number of Internet users growing by leaps and bounds each and every year, the overall number of active Internet users 65 years of age and over is also rapidly increasing. With the Internet now nearing almost 30 years and widespread distribution, the generation…
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Timed essay
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Download file to see previous pages As a function of this, the needs and requirements that this particular demographic has with respect to the website they visit are inherently different as compared to needs and requirements that other demographics may have. Due to this fact, it is necessary for website developers to be cognizant of this differential and seek to promote a level of recognition that engages these differences and promotes understanding and development in terms of accessibility issues and improving the web experience for individuals within this particular demographic. As a function of this, the following analysis will seek to provide a brief and summary discussion of some of the tactics they can be utilized and how they would benefit the overall quality of life and web experience of individuals within the aforementioned demographic. It is the hope of this particular author that such a level of discussion will not only be beneficial in encouraging web developers to consider these facets but to employ them with respect to websites that are more and more likely to be visited by individuals representing an older demographic.
One major consideration that can and should be leveraged has to do with the native platforms that web developers consider with respect to web users that are 65 years of age and older. For instance, web users that are 65 years of age and older tend not to use Android, iOS, and other platforms that are familiar with individuals from different demographic groups (Gencer, 2012). Naturally, this should not dictate that web developers should not be cognizant of the fact that the older demographic may in fact use platforms other than a PC or laptop. Yet, studies with respect to this indicate that web browsing is most commonly conducted via a traditional web browser utilized on a PC computer; at least for this particular demographic group. With this in mind, websites that are specifically focused towards individual within this particular demographic need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Timed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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