Lack of effective Information Systems (IS) and Applications at Lesley Stowe Fine Foods (LSFF) to support cloud ERP - Case Study Example

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The existing system in LSSF is unable to apply automatic technology since manual work accounts for many activities in the organization resulting in decreased efficiency. At the technical level, LSSF lacks the technology platform for deploying and distributing a cloud-based ERP…
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Lack of effective Information Systems (IS) and Applications at Lesley Stowe Fine Foods (LSFF) to support cloud ERP
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Download file to see previous pages Optimization of information systems affects success of ERP systems; however, this requires considerable amount of skills and knowledge, which in this case lacks in LSSF in helping it solve issues within its IS framework.
LSSF’s inadequate information system mainly deals with the company’s internal resources; however, introducing cloud ERP that supports both internal business resources as well as basic Customer Relationship management system points out to the lack of information systems in the organization. The inadequate information system in the organization is unable to cope with demands of the basic system for customer relationship management that may go beyond the organization’s control. Although information technology is able to solve the issues within the company, introducing the IT solution faces the problem of the lack of IT department in the organization that results in a poor information system that is unable to solve the problems. Although, the cloud ERP solution may be implemented under optimal conditions in the organization, the solution would be prone to various challenges and failures in the organization because of the fragmented IS across its sites in Canada and USA. These issues in the company do not support implementation of cloud ERP solution (Compeau & Scott, 2013).
Considering that some employees resort to manual activities in accomplishing their tasks, it is clear that LSSF lacks applications that can support the implementation of cloud ERP solution for the enterprise. The need for integration of various functions in the enterprise illustrates the absence of applications and information systems that support implementation of the intended cloud ERP solution. Given that currently the organization’s production, shipping, and inventory management involve manual processes (Compeau & Scott, 2013), it is clear the information system does not support ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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