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However, protocol can get used in various perspectives, among them in the diplomatic field. Diplomats use the set protocols to be able to interrelate with diplomats from foreign countries. In the computer…
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Network Protocols
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Network Protocols Rules and procedures used in communicating are referred to as protocols. However, protocol can get used invarious perspectives, among them in the diplomatic field. Diplomats use the set protocols to be able to interrelate with diplomats from foreign countries. In the computer environment, rules of protocol apply in the same manner. Following the networking of computers, the technical procedures and rules that regulate their communication are referred to as protocols (Dong 45).
There are various types of protocols; in the lowest stage protocols are used to define the type of the electrical signal gets to represent one and the signal that represents zero. At the highest stage protocols enable users to communicate by sending emails to other computer users. Protocol suits are also another issue that a user needs to understand. Various protocols are used together in sets that match. The most common protocol suites in networking are Ethernet and TCP/IP. UNIX networks are commonly users of TCP/I. it is also commonly used in the local area networks as well as the internet (Dong 47).
Users also need to understand Ethernet as it is a low-stage protocol. It is used to spell out the characteristics of electrical network hardware as it is used by many local area networks. The third important protocol that users need to understand is IPX/SPX; it is an alternative to the TCP/IP. It was developed for the NetWare networks. The preferred protocol is TCP/IP irrespective of the fact that IPX/SPX gets used widely in the local area networks (Dong 49).
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