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The paper "Network Protocol" discusses that the data link layer of the OSI model has been assessed to the widely used in networks. The layer is reserved for routers for their highly specific communication. The hardware resources that are used in a network represent the physical layer…
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Network Protocol
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Network protocols are the relevant rules, processes and data structures that clients in a network use to communicate with one another. The protocol acts like the languages that computers use in communication. Network protocols determine the format that determines an application for data transfer to ensure uniformity and conformity (Bush et al, 2012). The protocol helps define the transfer of information and therefore prevent the lack of a breach of treatment of information,
OSI model
In this model, the configuration used serves to describe the applications hasted on networks and the protocols. The model is split into seven parts. In the same token, the presentation layer deals with the production of services that rely on application program such as MSWindows.
According to the OSI model, the session layer has been set aside for the tabling of the running of services (Tanenbaum, 2003). This runs the process and leads to the scheduling of tasks that are to be run using the applications.
In the transport layer, responsibility vested is for the data being broken to packets for purpose of transfer between hosts on a regular basis to ensure the quality of service, on a network(Bush et al, 2012). Normally, network layers interpret the physical name of the computer from the logical network addresses.
Protocol orientation
Connection-oriented protocols are more reliable than the non-connection oriented ones. This is because they perform a check on their own structures. These protocols resend a message in case the receiver does not receive one (Forouzan, 2003). In this case, they tend to be more networks oriented. The non-connection oriented protocols are not session-based and can thus end at any time. Read More
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