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The author is of the view that the developments in the technological domain have brought about demands for an over hauling of the leadership function. More integrated and corresponding leadership traits are the demand of the day. Professionalism still remains the key in the…
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Freedom with Fences
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The is of the view that the developments in the technological domain have brought about demands for an over hauling of the leadership function. More integrated and corresponding leadership traits are the demand of the day. Professionalism still remains the key in the entire concept. Ensuring that the employees have a professionally welcoming and accommodating environment to work in comes as the duty of the leaders in modern times.
Too much experimentation and risk undertaking are the potential threats that the CIO need to mitigate and minimize through their leadership skills. Harnessing the kind of mindset and activities that will deliver the goods is the key function and duty of the CIO.
The concept of fences is expressed in terms of keeping an equality equation between the freedom provided in terms of ingenious ideas production and ensuring that the true spirit of professionalism or the company’s outlook does not get affected in any counterproductive manner.
Concept of fences also pertains to enacting the standard operating procedures and strict line of action.
According to the author, the future holds more important and integrating role of the CIO who must administer over skill and arrangement of functions and resources.
Ensuring the in time delivery and completion of tasks and projects would also amount to the CIOs duties in future. Level of trust must be developed but a preventive and precautionary layer of professional outlook must also be netted in parallel.
If all these tenets are implemented as presented and vouchsafed by the practical and ideal CIO, it would pay the dividends in a most effective and desired manner
Lane, D. (2011). The Chief Information Officers Body of Knowledge: People, Process, and Technology. John Wiley & Sons Read More
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