Unit 1 Assignment 1: Understanding Program Logic - Coursework Example

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In this program, the following tasks are accomplished step wise. Firstly the program begins. Then, an input number is taken from user and stored in the myNumber variable. After this the value stored in myNumber is multiplied by 2 and the resulting value is stored in the…
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Pseudo Assignment Pseudo start input myNumber set myAnswer = myNumber * 2 output myAnswer stop Describe exactly what the program does in paragraph form, step-by-step. Be sure to include at least three sentences to explain its flow.
A. In this program, the following tasks are accomplished step wise. Firstly the program begins. Then, an input number is taken from user and stored in the myNumber variable. After this the value stored in myNumber is multiplied by 2 and the resulting value is stored in the variable myAnswer. Finally, the calculated value stored in myAnswer is displayed as output. The program ends when myAnswer is shown as output.
2. Rewrite the pseudocode example by either changing or adding a step. For instance, you could insert a different computation or ask the user enter more than one number for calculation purposes.
A Pseudocode
INPUT number1, number2
SET result = number1 * number2
OUTPUT result
3. Explain your new changed program step-by-step to receive full credit for this portion of the assignment.
A. In this program, the following tasks are accomplished step wise. Firstly the program begins. After this, two input numbers are taken from the user and stored in the variables number1 and number2. Then the numbers are multiplied and the resultant number is stored in result variable. Finally, the calculated value stored in result is displayed as output. The program ends when result is shown as output. Read More
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