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The assignment "Anti Poverty Program" states that congressional hearing held on June 2012 is about reauthorization of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) (C-Span Video Library, June 5, 2012). Implementation of TANF is supposed to end September, this year…
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Anti Poverty Program
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I would like to know if that has helped reduce poverty at all.
What barriers are there?
As this is block assistance given to states, some funds are spent for other purposes, several families are not receiving cash assistance and some features of the program are not effectively encouraging parents to achieve self-sufficiency.
3. Who was the main speaker?
The main speaker and head of the congressional hearing is Senator Max Baucus, Chairman, Finance Committee
Who were the elected officials who participated in the deliberations? The elected officials who deliberated on the issue were:
Sen. Baucus, Max – Montana
Sen. Hatch, Orin – Utah
Sen. Bingaman, Jeff – New Mexico
Sen. Carper, Thomas –Delaware
Sen. Wyden, Ronald – Oregon
Sen. Thune – John – South Dakota
What is the outcome of watching the 60-minute video of a congressional hearing on the topic?
Views of senators coming from different states were heard. Each of them presented the status of the program in their state. There were also questions about the strength and breadth of the TANF Safety Net. There was no finality on the issue as the Chairman just heard the issues, and will have to weigh things over.
If there was extra funding, how would that change things? As there was much focus on unemployment, education, health, family and marriage, extra funding should be given to building up education as I believe education is the key to better employment, entrepreneurship, and work. When both parents are working, income alleviates poverty so that they will be off in the welfare funds.
If you were in Congress, what would you do to investigate? If I were in Congress, things I have to investigate are the claims that some families do not receive cash assistance, why are they difficult to serve, and how to help the families arrive at self-sufficiency. I will further investigate if the programs funded by TANF are used effectively or by how much has TANF lifted poverty of the American people.
C-Span Video Library. 05 June 2012. Anti-Poverty Programs Retrieved 09, November 2012< link to open resource> Read More
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Anti Poverty Program Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 455 Words.
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