Q1 - Using Knowledge & skills to Assess Usage of Web Technologies in Your organization - Essay Example

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Web technologies provide businesses/people with the convenience of time and money. This paper will describe how the combined use of IT and management skills,…
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Q1 - Using Knowledge & skills to Assess Usage of Web Technologies in Your organization
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Using Knowledge & skills to Assess Usage of Web Technologies Introduction Today information technology and other internet based technologies have become an integral part of business worldwide. Web technologies provide businesses/people with the convenience of time and money. This paper will describe how the combined use of IT and management skills, team based programming skills, and other related skills can help the management make better contribution to a multidisciplinary team assigned with reviewing the firm’s use of web technologies.
Assessing the use of web technologies
Today every organization relies on some or other form of web based technologies to promote its operations, and to achieve increased operational efficiency (NCBI, 2004). This practice also assists organizations to trim down their operating expenses and thereby offer best quality products and services to consumers at affordable prices. Therefore, any flaw in the use of web technologies would raise potential challenges to the competitiveness of the organization, and this in turn may cause the firm to lose its market share to competitors. In this situation, it is necessary for every firm to maintain a multidisciplinary team capable of assessing the firm’s use of web technologies.
Evidently, combined use of IT and management skills is inevitable to evaluate the use of web technologies in the organization effectively. Undoubtedly, improved IT skills are the most prioritized need when it comes to assessing the efficiency of the firm’s technological base. An organization’s databases and network servers contain a wide range of customer data and information that are sensitive in nature. Hence, it is the duty of this team to ensure that sensitive customer data are secure at the best level and they are not exposed to growing security vulnerabilities. Presence of individuals with great IT skills in the team is vital to add advanced security features to the firm’s internal servers and networks, and this will reduce the threat of hacking and other malware attacks (Lemos, n.d.). In addition, it is also essential to identify security pitfalls in the firm’s databases and networks (if any) and resolve those issues immediately.
Similarly, the combined use of IT and management skills is essential to make employees aware of the dreadful consequences of the data loss or theft, and enlighten them about improved data management practices. Reports indicate that inappropriate data management practices by employees is one of the major problems making sensitive customer/management data vulnerable to external security threats (Cisco, n.d.). The team charged with assessing the use of web technologies must be familiar with internet use policies and up to date with recent amendments in order to operate in compliance with legal policies and frameworks (Peltier, 2001, p.260). This practice would assist the organization to stay away from the troubles of lawsuits and reimbursements. Finally, better programming skills must be a vital strength of the organization to develop new applications and crucial web contents from time to time.
From the above discussion, it is clear that the combined use of IT and management skills would assist an organization to strengthen its database and network security, and enlighten employees to avoid practices that would increase the firm’s vulnerability to data theft/loss. In addition, the team must possess better programming skills, and must be conversant with internet use policies.
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