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It may be for the internet or it may be for the intranet that is for a private sector. It ranges from developing a simple single page containing simple text or it may consist of many pages of the…
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Team-based Programming Skills
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Web Programming Web Programming Web programming is the work that is involved in the programming of a website. It may be for the internet or it may be for the intranet that is for a private sector. It ranges from developing a simple single page containing simple text or it may consist of many pages of the complicated kind. The number of programmers differs for different organization. Organizations that are large and wide require teams of programmers whereas businesses that are small require a single programmer working for them. (Sharp & Robinson, 2008)
Working in a team means working with different people who share the goal same as you. Each member is dependent on the other and higher the understanding among the members, higher the productivity level of the whole organization. When working in a team as a programmer, the most important skill that you need to have is communication skill. A programmer working in a team may not require a vast amount of knowledge compared to a programmer working alone. (Layman, et al. 2006)
In web programming, content is of the utmost importance. When different sets of mind are working together, they produce content that is of high quality, has a lot of variety, attractive, dynamic and is well planned. There are various teams that are made that have a specific task so that they can create something that captivates the audience (Layman, et al. 2006). In teams there is the transference of knowledge as well. A person who is skilled in web programming can share his knowledge and wisdom with the people he is working with. (Sharp & Robinson, 2008) This helps in the overall productivity of the whole team which in turn affects the organization.
When a programmer is working alone he needs a vast amount of knowledge concerned with the design of the website. Although communication skills are not that important but still they are required. The programmer must be expert in all areas because he is in charge of all the things. Organizations that are small require web developers that can work alone (Anon., 2014). However there is a downside of working alone as well. The content made is not that captivating when the programmer is working alone because a single mind is working on it. (Burdmann, 1999) There is a lower degree of creativeness as it is born out of interaction. There is limited knowledge and the programmer might lose confidence in his abilities.
In today’s world it is important for an organization to build teams and strategies for them. When a team is built up, a specific strategy and specific tasks are allotted to the members working in a team. (Layman, et al. 2006) Not one mind but a set of minds are working to accomplish one goal so the end result is one of higher quality and creativeness (Layman, et al. 2006). The content that is built up has to be of unique quality. Content development is not an easy task and not everyone has the ability and knowledge required for it so for that purpose a team is essential. (Burdmann, 1999) A single developer cannot work on it and produce content that is creative and attracts the target audience.
A web developing team can be assigned a lot more tasks compared to a single programmer and be expected to complete all of them in a short amount of time. Different aspects of web programming requires different sets of skills that not all the individuals have, so in a tea you can find all the set of skills you require. (Anon., 2014)
There are different sets of skills required by different organizations. Some organizations require programmers that can work alone and provide with the best of results while other may built team so that the work can be done more efficiently and in a reasonable amount of time.
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