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Review and Critically Evaluate the Issues Related to crew Resource Management Postgraduate Certificate In Pre-Hospital Care Word Count: 1,869Crew resource management (CRM) is a framework designed to ensure control over human errors and reduction in mishaps caused by such errors in an operation or an activity especially with regards to crisis and emergency situation management…
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Review and Critically Evaluate the Issues Related to Crew Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages This is relevant for sectors such as aviation, healthcare and other similar areas. The concept of CRM was first evolved and applied in aviation sector where it is most prevalent today. It has evolved to such an extent that its application is mandatory and regulated by the authorities (Musson & Helmreich, 2004). CRM in aviation has contributed much value to commercial airline safety as it played a pivotal role in reduction of human-error caused mishaps of devastating effects resulting it being the safest and efficient mode of moving people and goods from one channel to another. Its success in aviation has won much supporters and proponents of its application in other critical areas. Based on its success story in aviation and major concerns about human element in medical mishaps raised in the research report “To err is human” (Kohn et al., 2000), significant amount of funding has been allocated for its development and application in health sector. Many hospitals and organizations in health sector has embedded CRM programs into their daily operations and intimately combined them with regular training programs.However, it is still in the development phase with extensive research and study being conducted around the world (Musson & Helmreich, 2004). ...
Success factors and issues in CRM aviation The ides of CRM was the first major shift from the general perception of engineering being the only way of dealing with technology. With the advent of technological development human involvement was generally perceived to be related to technical and engineering aspect. However, the human psychological aspect was first formally introduced during the NASA sponsored research workshop Resource Management Flightdeck in 1979 (Cooper, White & Lauber, 1980). It was acknowledgment of the fact that Human factors evolved from an initial combination of engineering and psychology and methods and principles of behavioral social sciences, engineering and physiology plays crucial role in optimization of human performance and to reduce human error. The outcome of the research workshop was the recognition of this human performance problem which stimulated an integrated and formalized approach to manage such errors. Thus, the foundations of CRM were initiated. CRM was focused on enhancement of cognitive and interpersonal skills required for gaining and maintaining situational awareness, for solving problems and for making decisions and a range of behavioral activities associated with teamwork needed to manage the flight within an organized aviation system rather than with the technical operational skills. (Musson, David & Helmriech, 2004). Musson and Helmriech in their paper Team Training and Resource Management (2004) elaborate CRM: “Crew Resource Management includes basic education about human factors and human limitations, appropriate techniques of leadership and followership along with the formal guidelines for addressing safety concerns in the face ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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