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Describe the technical and ethical considerations with personal information being shared by Google on the web so that consumers are targeted based on their likes - Essay Example

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Among the technical issues that arise is the possibility that companies may be gathering data from children through chat rooms. The result of this is that such chats are not restricted, hence may pose a great…
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Describe the technical and ethical considerations with personal information being shared by Google on the web so that consumers are targeted based on their likes
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Extract of sample "Describe the technical and ethical considerations with personal information being shared by Google on the web so that consumers are targeted based on their likes"

Download file to see previous pages Consumers are also bombarded with emails from manufacturers or companies that continuously trail their interests. Some companies even go as far as to intercept people’s email messages and this makes such an act a great infringement of rights to privacy (Lin, 67). The threat to freedom posed by companies trailing internet users for their consumer clients takes a toll on internet users in that they lose their dignity and spontaneity (Lin, 79).
It is not fair for Google to share its client’s information with manufacturers or companies, especially if the information is confidential. Many internet users have put their faith in the company that whatever information they provide on Google as private will be kept that way, private (Lin, 88). With enough evidence that Google may be sharing confidential user information, clients of Google may lose faith in the search engine so as to withdraw their usage of the site. This may hurt the company’s reputation hugely and even cause grate financial troubles (Lin, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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