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According to Dinsmore & Brewin, (2011), Information Technology (IT) refers to the application of telecommunication equipment and computer in the storage, retrieval, transmission and manipulation of data in the business enterprise. Management is the organization and coordination…
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Why is it beneficial to have both IT & Management skills together
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Information Technology & Management Skills in Business Introduction According to Dinsmore & Brewin, , Information Technology (IT) refers to the application of telecommunication equipment and computer in the storage, retrieval, transmission and manipulation of data in the business enterprise. Management is the organization and coordination of business activities to achieve a desired objective and goals. It is also referred as a factor of production besides machines, materials and finances. Management tasks include marketing and improvement.
It is therefore important for an organization to train it staffs on the importance of technology for the success of the business. Technology is evolving constantly with new applications to simplify how business is done. Management skills on the other hand enable a high level trend of correspondence in business impact. With the revolution of web 2.0, management training becomes a useful tool in doing online business through blogs, RSS feed as well as in the internet and communication with the proper and serious clients. Technology skills have significant impact on business in the coming years in that business strategies are easily achieved.
Post & Anderson, (2006) asserts that, managers with technology skills are able to determine new technological impacts and how they can be adopted in the progress of business. It is upon the managers to become more proactive by keeping a breast of emerging trends and understanding the evasion of web 2.0 changes in the world of business models and their applications in business perspectives. Management skills combined with information technology skills enables these managerial groups to focus on what ways promising technologies impinge on business at the high level. The knowledge makes business conscious and informed in decision making on what aspects of new technologies will influence the organization in the coming year of business growth and hence provides a healthier transition of thought into strategic action to be taken and how they can be implemented within the organization or business world.
According to Cather, Morris,& Wilkinson, (2001), combining the IT skills with management skills, therefore have enormous gait that help an organization or business to improve its strategies and also gives the management higher level of information to bring effectiveness of the services and products of the organization. This will also reduce time taken to adopt new business strategies based on emerging trends of technologies due to the organizational or business disinterest and lag that keeps on changing the incorporated system. The importance and beneficial skills of technologies are therefore understood only when proper infrastructure are developed technologically in the implementation of technology within the organization. It is therefore of greater importance for the management staff within a given organization to take training on information technology so as to boost their desired business dreams and objectives since they will be able to understand potential impacts brought about by technology from business perspective (Oz, 2006).
Technology is rapidly transforming business communication in the modern societal set up. This is because, technology helps managers in the business to manage company’s model by investing in the ongoing information program and thus helps them understand trends of emerging technology and their effect to the company. It is therefore advisable for company staff to be trained on technology for the success of the business. This therefore acts as an influencer on business for a consistent alignment of objectives and aims throughout the enterprise.
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IT- Information Technology
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