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Integrated Technology Systems - Assignment Example

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Furthermore, each particle within the beam blocks transmits light intensity of certain magnitude proportional to its diameter. Then the volume of each droplet is determined from its diameter by…
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Integrated Technology Systems
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Download file to see previous pages Response time, hysteresis, long-term stability, sensitivity are some of uncertainties.
Traceability of measurements from sensors is achieved through the implementation of regional calibration programs specific to each parameter or instrument. All sensors should have long term stability of measurements to guaranty maintenance and calibration intervals of one year or more.
Temperature is the specific degree of coldness or hotness as referenced to a specific scale. A temperature sensor is used in detecting changes in physical parameters such as output voltage or resistance that correspond to the temperature change.
Thermocouple is built from two electrical dissimilar metals are place at one end of a circuit. Thermocouple circuit has the most considerable temperature range when compared to other temperature sensor technologies, that is –200 to +2310°C.
Thermistor is temperature sensor that proportionally changes its resistance in relation to temperature changes. Thermistors are of two types: negative temperature coefficient (NTC) and positive temperature coefficient (PTC). PTCs have positive change in resistance with temperature rise, while NTCs have negative change in resistance when temperatures increase.
RTDs (Resistive Temperature Devices) embrace a change in electrical resistance in measuring or controlling temperature. A typical RTD has a sensing element, and connection wires to measurement instrument. RTDs are resistance devices hence generate their own heat that adds up to medium being measured.
Shields/Screens that house temperature sensors affect quality of measurement of atmospheric temperature. Hence these shields/screens should reduce the effects of atmospheric and environmental factors (such as solar radiation, wind, dew).
The sensors for soil temperature are configured at depth of up to 100 cm in undisturbed soil. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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