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Information Systems Design and sociotechnical systems - Essay Example

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(2012, January 7). Designing Socio-Technical Systems: From Stakeholder Goals to Social Networks. Retrieved Feb 12, 2014, from Requirements Engineering manuscript:
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Information Systems Design and sociotechnical systems
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Download file to see previous pages The authors appreciate the need for proper systems to model and analyze the interaction and composition of software and hardware components with organizational and human actors. The authors evaluate and select the right trade-off between social and technical dimensions. They propose tool-supported procedures of requirement analysis for technical-social systems that adopt planning schemes for exploring the range of requirement alternatives in addition to a number of social criteria for their assessment. The authors illustrate the proposed approach using a case study.
The publication proposes a systematic, tool-supported procedure that aims at supporting the designer in evaluating and exploring alternative configurations and frameworks of socio-technical system delegations. It supposes that the accomplishment of such processes be done through Artificial Intelligence planning techniques in constructing design alternatives. It also gives a set of assessment criteria for evaluating and comparing the available options (Volha, Paolo, & Mylopoulos, 2012, p. 7). The paper has presented the presented schemed process that supports the proposed approach. It also gives the outline of the planning, discussion and formalization of the concrete set of evaluation criteria. The white paper has reported on the assessment of the proposal through a number of case studies in addition to a series of scalable experiments.
Bert, P. (2011, June 3). Sicio-Technocal Design of Knowledge Work & IT; A Case Study. Retrieved Feb 12, 2014, from Independent Consulting Social Scientist:
The author uses a case study of E-File introduction into the system of an insurance company as an imperfect, but powerful example of the challenges and the potentials of designing technical and social elements of knowledge work interactively and concurrently. Bert explores a case study of a public insurance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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