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TFR manually maintains data related to its trains, rolling stock, drivers, products, etc. which becomes cumbersome and tiresome to…
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Advance Database
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Download file to see previous pages The report gives a detailed technical description of the systematic formation of the system’s data model. The objectives of the report intend to encompass the important details related to the four major phases involved in building the proposed database design:
4. Implementation of the database design in Oracle and testing of the design through scenario specific SQL queries. The correctness of the result would prove the correctness of the proposed database design.
The major constraint in designing a class diagram of a scheduling management database is in relation to a large number of variants brought about by the seasonal change of train journey, planned and unplanned maintenance of trains and rearrangement of weekdays and the holiday. Though the calendar stating of each train, the entry number description for a particular day, time and station makes the whole process cumbersome. The approach requires not less than 2 million records to accommodate the train scheduling the proposed relational database. In addition, to hold the schedule for a long time raises the number of records the key issue is the operation of updating changes in the schedule.
Another key constraint is the issues relating to objects that have overlapping lifespan. This is very profound when this object overlaps. The situation is peculiar since the object maintains its state actuality even after changing (IBM 2003). It only takes place in that given a short time during the replacement. This will result in a situation where we have multiple real time tuple which describes the different versions that the same object has. This idea does not merge the previous RDBMS concept, therefore it is inherent to develop special data queries which will solve this situation.
To form a structural model for the system, all critical entities of the TFR for which data is stored and that are part of the daily business operations were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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