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It is required that confidential information about some users in the building remains a secret. This may be an issue as the information may come out, thus, bringing a security breach (Harrison…
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Classifying Projects
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ifying project Number: Lecturer: The projects in the case study are the residential project and ABC technology commercial building. The risk matrix is show on table 1 below.
Time risk
Data integrity breach
Lack of finance
Residential building project
ABC Technology commercial building
One risk that is associated with ABC Technology projects is breach of data integrity. It is required that confidential information about some users in the building remains a secret. This may be an issue as the information may come out, thus, bringing a security breach (Harrison & Lock, 2004).
The residential building project has a time lapse risk. This is because the project may not meet the stipulated time that has been stated. The time that the client has stated will want to shift to the new building is seven months and may be very short (Harrison & Lock, 2004).
Another risk that is likely to come out both projects is that of lack of enough finance. The project might not have enough money to the end of the project. There is a need to take this issue into consideration.
The highest risk of all the risks that have been stated above is that of time lapse risk that is associated with residential building project. There is a need to ensure that this risk is well managed so that the continuity of the project will not be affected (Harrison & Lock, 2004).
The two projects will be both interesting and challenging to manage. The one project I would choose to manage is the second one. This is because it has a good timeframe for the completion. Time management is an important factor when managing a project. There is also a good time for preparation. This is because, unlike, the first project which is starting on 1st October, the second project will start on January 15. There is humble time for preparation.
Harrison, D., & Lock, J. (2004). Advanced project management: A structured approach. Illinois: Gower Publishing, Ltd. Read More
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Classifying Projects Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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