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Analysis of IBM Organisation - Assignment Example

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The paper "Analysis of IBM Organisation " discusses that compared to any other organization in the USA, IBM is the Information Technology Company with the highest number of patents. The company has also established nine research laboratories in different places of the world …
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Analysis of IBM Organisation
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Extract of sample "Analysis of IBM Organisation"

Download file to see previous pages Compared to any other organization in the USA, IBM is the Information Technology Company with the highest number of patents. The company has also established nine research laboratories in different places of the world (Emerson, 76). Moreover, the company has an excellent team of an employee with a high degree of qualifications, and which highly values teamwork. These factors have seen the company have a competitive edge over the other US-based IT companies. It keeps its customers supplied with the most recent discoveries in IT through its commitment to research. A well qualified and teamwork based team of employee ensures the success of the company through the collaboration of the teams to give the company’s customers the best products and services. The high level of patenting has served to ensure that other IT companies are prohibited from specializing in some areas that the company has patented as its empire. The organizations' principle level strategy is differentiation, where the company has specialized in computer hardware and software production, as well as IT consultancy services for its customers. The company produces specialized products for its customers, depending on the organizational demand of the organization in question. The company produces its products and services based on customer’s centricity (Emerson, 18). This strategy has worked well for the company, allowing it to cultivate more customer loyalty and goodwill. The organization structure is an all-inclusive one, where the opinions and the suggestions of each of their management and employee team counts. It has a culture of collaboration, through which its innovation objective is realized. Both the structure and cultures of the organization are blended well to enhance teamwork and collaborated achievement. The match can be improved through leadership training for all, to ensure that all of the company employees serve as leaders in their different capacities. The organization structure is functional without any problems being experienced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of IBM Organisation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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