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The aim of the current research is to introduce the key information management concepts of the IBM Corporation. IBM services are IT solutions such as cloud computing, database services, business stability and resiliency, mobility, and security amenities…
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IBM: Key Information Management Concepts
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IBM: Key Information Management Concepts
IBM (International Business Machines) is a universally incorporated innovations and consulting organization centered in Armonk, New York (IBM, n.d.). Even though incorporated in 1911 as a “computer-tabulating” enterprise, IBM’s first operations go as far back as 1888 this invention of pioneering dial recorder. Today, IBM is operational in 170 nations (IBM, n.d.). IBM’s current main executive leadership includes Virginia Rometty (President), a Colleen Arnold (Senior Vice President IBM’s Sales and Distribution), Simon Beaumont (Vice President), Martin Jetter (Senior Vice President of IBM Global Technology Services), Bridget van Kralingen (Senior Vice President of IBM Global Business Services), and Robert Picciano (Senior Vice President of IBM Analytics) (IBM, n.d.). IBM products include storage devices, networking, software, standard software products series, retail store commodities, PCs, and printing hardware. IBM services are IT solutions such as cloud computing, database services, business stability and resiliency, mobility, and security amenities (IBM, n.d.).
Fig 1: IBM’s First Dial Recorder
Key Concepts
1. Acquisition Strategy- Paying the appropriate price is the key step in IBM’s acquisition strategy, which it leverages by tackling any integration challenge present (Groenfeldt, 2012).
Fig 2: IBM’s acquisition patterns
2. Reward Strategy-Cutting-edge reward innovations centered on assisting partners and clients to develop approaches and programs that align their businesses with their cultures leverage IBM’s reward approach (Piccoli, 2012).
Fig 3: IBM’s reward approaches
3. Personalization Strategy-IBM uses ExperienceOne to scale all sorts of personalization requests by customers using many of its devices and media (IBM, n.d.).
4. Industry Analysis- IBM has a 45% share of the IT solutions market and industry that has an expenditure exceeding $2 trillion (IBM, n.d.).
5. Value Chain- Smarter Commerce is IBM’s method of leveraging this concept by prioritizing the customer’s needs within all operations and reviewing critical consumer and operational information (Piccoli, 2012).
Effects of the Key Concepts
1. IBM already has arguably the best acquisition strategy in the lighting solution set because of its rich history of successful acquisitions (Harris, 2015). IBM always pays a premium for business’ existing market value so that it can benefit from these innovations by integrating them with IBM’s already existing products and services.
2. A reward strategy outside software, market information, and executive compensation information would enable IBM to invest to invest wisely in consumers and partner organizations.
3. IBM’s ExperienceOne personalization Strategy helps it know customers and partners better, and integrate computerization that helps it actively turn this knowledge into significant dialogues.
Fig 4: IBM’s ExperienceOne
4. A comprehensive industry analysis would help IBM view the IT solutions sector as a whole and influence it more as a key player in cloud-based services, Big Data, virtualization, and social and flexibility services.
Fig 5: IBM’s industry overview
5. Smarter Commerce expands IBM’s value chain by extending sources of data concerning multimedia purchase behaviors and social networking material viewed and bought by its customers.
Fig 6: Evidence of the positive effect of IBM’s smarter commerce
IM Leader
An IM leader should be mindful of empowered customers when considering the value of the value chain. IBM’s customers are largely empowered by innovation, transparency, and rich sources of information. The value of Big Data is also important when considering the value of an acquisition strategy. IBM considers Big Data bed available when acquiring a new enterprise. Becoming distinctly visible in the IT solutions market can be very beneficial for IBM when considering the value of its reward strategy (Piccoli). Making consumer involvement quicker and simpler with proven tools that easily interact with other devices and systems is crucial for determining the value of a personalization approach.
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IBM: Key Information Management Concepts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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