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System Design in IT Area - Essay Example

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The reporter states that the functional requirements highlight the system features and the various operations to be done by the user (Silvia, 2001). The functional requirements of the 6ME would be to underline the basic functionalities that the system is to cover…
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System Design in IT Area
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Download file to see previous pages The various customers are tracked for their quality of return with respect to date and material. The various records pertain to determining the loyal customers so that promotions and special offers are facilitated to them.
4. Record of holding status: The system maintains the currently held stock by the employees and ensures better management of records. The customers holding stock would ensure better management of the DVDs and Game consoles for effective stock management and grant other customers.
5. Wishlist: The customer’s wish list would focus on various future stocks which they desire so that they are able to procure that on a priority basis. The knowledge would ensure system to capture ways to serve the customers.
6. FAQ: The system must enforce a help status so that better management of DVDs and Game consoles are done and would fetch the user with detailed documentation of hardware and software’s required for ensuring the correct workability of the system.
8. Inventory status: The various inventory, comprising the DVD and game consoles, required to be ascertained for their availability in the store. The knowledge is useful in determining the amount of stock and the existing detail of the present availability. This would largely help in granting or denying requests.
9. Damaged stock: Knowing the damaged stock is very crucial so as to reduce any complications with respect to customer satisfaction. Also, the returning orders must be checked for their damage status. This requirement is very important to be present as it incurs a loss to the inventory and successively the profit.
10. Fines: Determining the fines to be levied would ensure better use of the system towards negligence of the customers so that the loss towards damage is recovered. It also puts a negative rating to the customer and decides a condition for their repeat.
11. Determination of final accounts: The determination of the statement of expenditures and incomes are to be ascertained so that the firm 6ME successfully determines their profit or loss for the desired period. The system would create better impression for audit trails and maximizes the computation of company financial status. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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