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Intels corporate ethics - Essay Example

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Bokhari (2002) states, “It is quite well known the high-tech revolution has drastically changed man’s way of living, thinking and interacting with others. However, what is much less known is that the trash this revolution generates is posing critical dangers to man’s health and the environment in an incredible manner.” …
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Intels corporate ethics
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Download file to see previous pages “This $2 million plant is only 0.1% of what Intel spent to build this facility.” (What Intel has done and is doing, n.d.). The US is the greatest inventor of the world and Intel is one of the greatest innovator of the world. There is no doubt it can make the most enormous contributions towards dealing with the world’s major problem—the environment problem. Yet the huge profits have caused Intel to act blindly in this area. Greed is no doubt the key factor in ignoring the environmental problems. Corporate heads get greedy and lust for profits and ignore citizens’ welfare. In Hamidi’s (n.d.) website, ‘Intel is being accused for causing air pollution by using toxic solvents. The air pollution in that area was about three times higher than the acceptable limit. The History of Intel’s Toxic Chemical Release in Corrales (n.d.) states, people have developed respiratory and skin problems. New Mexico has also been known to have droughts. It is extremely hot in the summer. Yet one of the largest consumers of their water is Intel. Intel has built such a huge facility with no water recycling system. On the Intel website, the US Environmental Protection Agency says this is a very dangerous practice. There was a debate on how to deal with this issue and they had conducted studies. In the site for NM risk assessment on the Intel website (n.d.), “the EPA wants manufacturers to take responsibility for the products, throughout their life, particularly when they contain hazardous materials.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Intels Corporate Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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