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The leadership concepts in the Media in this article have been highlighted through the two themes, the environmental context of leadership and ethics plus social responsibility. These issues have been highlighted by Oxfam through rating firms based on their different activities…
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The Concept of Leadership in the media
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The Concept of Leadership in the Media http 02/26/business/oxfam-ethical-brands/index.html Theleadership concepts in the Media in this article have been highlighted through the two themes, the environmental context of leadership and ethics plus social responsibility. These issues have been highlighted by Oxfam through rating firms based on their different activities. This is through ensuring strict observance of ethics and corporate social responsibility by naming and shaming non-compliant firms. The media plays a leadership role through the shaping of companies’ by making them sensitive to ethics and social responsibilities. Amongst the several issues addressed include are child labor among many other societal ills explored in the pursuit of their interests (Kattasova, 2014).
Through research conducted at Fortune 500 companies, the issue of corporate social responsibility has been made significant. The research was conducted in relation to leadership issues and stated that companies more involved in corporate social responsibility were most likely to be morally irresponsible. As a way of supporting his argument, the article author gives examples of Enron and BP. Enron was involved in an accounting fraud scandal that cost its shareholders $ 11 billion while BP, which had held a safety record missed safety signs resulting in11 deaths. It is important for companies to maintain ethics and corporate social responsibility (Ormiston, 2013).
Australian statistics from their national bureau of statistics show Women have accessed greater educational opportunities and employment opportunities. However in the property sector has not fully utilized the potentiality of the female gender workforce. Although there are few women employed in the industry, the Ernest and Young report also supports the evident view of gender inequality in that sector. The report further states that women are better financial performers compared to their male counterparts. The presence of male domination in a traditionally male industry points out the organizational setup is still in the developmental stages of achieving gender equality (Heaton, 2015).
Intel Chief Executive is seen as visionary through investing in the improvement of its workplace diversity. Gender-related issues are still considered as contemporary issues in the present day organization as most companies have stuck to the traditional male domination. However, Intel’s Chief Executive has set a pioneering step in altering the workplace demographics by investing in the acquisition of female gender workforce. The three-year investment plan is set to change the workforce compositions of other major firms as they are likely to follow suit. The investment is set to improve the productivity and efficiency of Intel Company (Wingfield, 2015).
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The Concept of Leadership in the Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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