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Research paper '' email habit of UCLAN staff and students'' - Essay Example

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Emailing Habits of UCLAN Staff and Students [Instructor Name] Emailing Habits of UCLAN Staff and Students Abstract Communication has become a way of life in the post modern era. People on the jobs, at college or at school interact and communicate to get socialized…
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Research paper email habit of UCLAN staff and students
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Download file to see previous pages The study has analyzed the importance of email in the campus life. It has accessed of how frequently and for what purpose emailing assists teachers and students in the campus. Keywords Communication; information; technology; email; emailing habits; electronic mail. Research Aims & Objectives To uncover the literature highlighting the importance of electronic mails. To analyze and comprehend email as a tool of campus communication. To determine the patterns of the use of the electronic mail by UCLAN staff and students. To draw understanding of the importance of electronic mail. Literature Review Introduction & Background In the modern era, where technology (computers and internet) is at every door step, people want to remain connected. Being connected means the way of life of the modern digital world [1]. No matter those are working men, teachers or students everyone is found interacted and engaged in this post modern system. This is all due to the vibrant World Wide Web media which incarnates strongest integration with the removal of the gaps of communication [1]. Communication is to have each others’ guidance and support at the time during work or during leisure period. This requirement of communication is fulfilled through internet which has closed down the spaces of society, community and the people of the system [8]. Students which are part of the society and are in the fast track bring the best use of internet. They get integrated with peers and teachers using different connecting mediums on the internet and on the World Wide Web media [13]. For exchanging thoughts during leisure time social media is mostly popular in students, but when a formal approach is needed, emailing is the right way to get connected [13]. Adapting the email format comes out suitable and sufficient for both teachers and students, as this is the method majority of institutions and colleges apply [2]. Emailing effectively connects students and teachers. It connects students, teachers and peers and maintains the relationship of the groups during the college time and the off time status. This is how through emailing habits, use of computer is there among students and among the faculty staff members [3]. A communication circle is maintained and regulated by emailing and the emailing habits [2]. Theoretical Framework The contemporary literature highlights that the use of technology (computers) and internet is extensive in college and high school level [9]. There are considerations given to college students in understanding their behaviors and their routine habits. The researchers have pointed out that the majority of students are habitual in using internet where the use of social media is most vibrant and adaptive. In perceptions of faculty staff members, students use internet to communicate [9]. They use it to create a social circle with peers and also to acquire lectures and tutorials during their off campus times. The literature highlights two types of communication patterns that emerge from students and faculty staff members. The patterns identified are casual in which students come across to communicate peers and formal in which students concisely communicate with teachers. The authors identify that most formal communications are based on emailing [5]. Such formal communications are frequent through regular emails. Students send emails to teachers to take off time support on class lectures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper '' Email Habit of UCLAN Staff and students'' Essay.
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