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The benefits of using the Smart Phones - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The Benefits of Using Smartphones Introduction and Background Mobile phones and smartphones are both used with the primary function of being able to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages, but the smartphone has certain qualities that distinguish it from any usual mobile phones…
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The benefits of using the Smart Phones
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Download file to see previous pages A very huge percentage of the population has shifted towards smartphones from their usual mobile phones. The PEW research center has reported that alone in US over 35% of the adult population is currently using smartphones (Smith 1). The research center further figured out that there are various benefits that can be obtained through smartphones and these benefits are the primary reason for high demand of smartphones in US. Smartphones are not limited to the access of adults; they are even owned and used by several teenagers and the younger generation. Smartphones have gained immense popularity among the youth population because of the several benefits offered by these phones. On one end are those who propose that smartphones are a smart invention and are assisting the society in several ways, on the other end are those who are against the use of smartphones due to various negative effects associated with these phones. This writing will focus on the argument of whether the smartphones are beneficial for the society or not while defending the stance that smartphones have several benefits to offer than costs. The writing will especially focus on the benefits offered by smartphones to both the adult as well as the youth population. Smartphones benefit both the adults and the youth in obtaining both formal as well as informal education, they have become a major tool of distant learning, they are used by users to satisfy their personal needs, helps employees in remaining involved with their businesses, are assisting in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of health care services and is elevating the quality of health care and can even help in increasing voter turnout during different elections. Body Smartphones Satisfying Need A very huge population of the youth as well as adults is currently utilizing smartphones to satisfy various daily needs and their mobile phone usage is consistent with their everyday life. Both the adults as well as the younger generation are involved in using smartphones in accordance to the situation they are in. For example: Different individuals tend to text message other mobile phone users for various reasons and situations. Certain individuals may use text messaging services in order to send reminders to their team members and in order to provide update regarding the status of a project. Similarly several individuals even tend to use text messages in order to remain in constant contact with their loved ones and in order to feel closer to them even while they may be far away from each other. Polichar et al. figured out that individuals tend to prefer using smartphones over other mobile phones in order to satisfy their need of remaining online through free internet provided by different outlets such as coffee shops Polichar et al. 629) Smartphones and Education Devices that are recognized as handheld devices have been utilized in conducting both formal as well as informal form of learning. These devices are being used by educators in order to supply as well as obtain knowledge and information, while students are using it to obtain information. In case of formal form of learning, the smartphones are being used within the classroom and they are even being used externally. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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