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Remote connectivity solution - Essay Example

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REMOTE CONNECTIVITY SOLUTION Remote Connectivity Solution Author Author’s Affiliation Date Introduction This paper presents an analysis of some of the important aspects which relate to remote connectivity. For this analysis, I have selected Cisco based business and corporate solutions that are widely used for management of the virtual communication and collaboration…
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Remote connectivity solution
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, these both issues have direct influence on workers’ efficiency as well as the company’s profits. In order to deal with these issues, a large number of technologies and tools are extensively available, and Cisco’s Virtual Office solution is one of the most excellent solutions that offers a wide variety of capabilities such as safety, administration, agility, large scale deployment IP telephony, complete tool and service suite accessibility and resiliency. In addition, Cisco’s Virtual Office offers a visible end-to-end solution that allows business workers to manage jobs remotely as if they were on-site at a business center, which ultimately leads to improved efficiency and minimizes functional costs (Cisco Systems, 2008; Davis & Dhillon, 2006; Tomur, Deregozu, & Genc, 2008; Cascio, 2000). Best Practice The Cisco technology system has developed Virtual Office to provide a solid foundation and a model for how it visualizes corporation and how to assist and maintain remote/distributed workers to improve efficiency, increase worker happiness, and reduce security threats along with overall corporate operational expenses. In addition, the Cisco technology community expects that this project application will openly tackle 4 major aspects of change: a site-to-site “for all time on” VPN (virtual private network) link with the client, that is completely incorporated into the business network. The implementation of this technology will facilitate with a complete variety of communication technology based systems. In this scenario, a firm can communicate via voice, transfer data, real-time communication and video collaboration services all work effectively over the systems. Moreover, these practices will offer a capability to remotely apply, handle, and implement business strategies/standards across a network of extensively dispersed remote access points, at the same time as facilitating the development of the telecommuting network with an effective solution to deal with security vulnerabilities (Landau, Vollath, & Chen, 2002; Cisco Systems, 2008; Tyson, 2013). Advantages The implementation of this technology renovates a number of traditional practices of a business organization. Basically, the implementation of this technology will offer a capability to remotely handle and push business policies/standards throughout a network of extensively scattered remote access points, at the same time as allowing for the development of the telecommunication network without creating new network security based issues and vulnerabilities. This solution encompasses a variety of best practices to improve the capability to offer complete visibility of the communication through remote site and remotely organized router in a way that is transparent to the end user. Additionally, these practices also offer excellent support for a wide variety of converged systems. In addition, with this solution a business organization puts together IP telephony into the remote site/home. This offers the capability in "single-number reach-ability," with workers having the same phone number at the business desk and in the home office, which results in less additions and telephony\ accounts to handle and considerably lower ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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