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Semantic connectivity has been incorporated by the search engines 'to build their own thesaurus and dictionary to help them to determine how certain terms & topics are related' (Studer, 2003). The semantic connectivity is adopted through the scanning of 'their massive databases of content on the web' (Menzel, 2003)…
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Semantic Connectivity
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"Semantic Connectivity"

Download file to see previous pages The semantic connectivity also helps in the measurement of the relationships of text on other high rankings sites or pages.
The semantic connectivity measurement help in the search of the pages which provide the relevant themed links, although the source for this material is highly technical, SEO specialists need only know the principles to take away valuable information' (Studer, 2003). The Information Retrieval has several technical terms which are difficult to comprehend, 'these can be broken down and understood even by an SEO novice' (Pollock, 2004). In the software technology, 'the encoding of the meanings individually from the data and the contents files' (Pollock, 2004), and similarly the encoding of the meanings from the application code is achievable through semantic technology.
The semantic technology has enabled the people and the machines to understand, comprehend, share and reason at the time of execution. The evolution of the semantic technology has been responsible for the implementation, variation and addition of the 'new relationships or interconnecting programs in a different way can be just as simple as changing the external model that these programs share' (Studer, 2003). It is essential to explain the meanings and relationships, and 'hard wired into data formats and the application program code at design time' (Menzel, 2003), therefore at the instance of making changes, there is need to amend the previously un-exchanged information i.e. 'two programs need to interoperate in a new way, the humans must get involved' (Michael, 2003). It is essential that the parties under off-line condition should explain and communicate among themselves the knowledge of the incorporated changes, and the extent of the changes, 'and then recode the data structures and program logic to accommodate it' (Pollock, 2004), in later stages the application of these changes have to be incorporated into the database and the application, it is fundamental to regard 'semantic technologies as meaning-centered' (Michael, 2003) with inherited features and modules for the 'auto recognition of topics and concepts, the extraction of the information and the interpretation of the meaning, categorization' (Michael, 2003).
The semantic technology is capable to answer any given question, and the scope of the search is itself wide, therefore the technology is capable of searching for 'topics, concepts, associations that span a vast number of sources' (Pollock, 2002). Furthermore, the semantic technology has provided 'an abstraction layer above existing modules of the Information Technology that enables bridging and interconnection of data, content, and processes' (Michael, 2003), and the technology has proven to be an additional dimension which has provided 'far more intelligent, capable, relevant, and responsive interaction than with information technologies alone' (Menzel, 2003). The semantic technology has been responsible for the evolution of the World Wide Web, through this medium the web literature can be read in the format acceptable by the software agents, beside the natural language. The semantic technology has provisions for the exchange of information, and its integration (Chee, 2005).
Semantic Technology: Holy Grail
It is commonly acknowledged that, 'the holy grail is the achievement of fully automatic semantic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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