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Author’s Name: Due Date: Currently, education system all over the world is facing enormous challenges, which are taxing the conventional techniques. As a result, it is crucial to introduce fresh approaches to curb the persistent problems that arise from the old or the past system of education…
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Education by Computer - a Better Way
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Download file to see previous pages Education together with learning is essential to everybody, as the principal techniques of ensuring a productive and sustainable society. Because of globalization, which leads to increase in the scope of jobs, it is essential to provide quality education to ensure production of knowledgeable and well-informed employees. Currently, emergence of expertise and information as the main features for development and economic growth are among issues widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Among the poor people, they claim that learning using a computer is expensive and at times may not be affordable to them. On the other hand, the rich argue that computerized learning is crucial, and it is affordable. Therefore, the gap among the poor and the rich becomes wide. In addition, some individuals may not be able to access the modern facilities due to their financial statures, place of residence, and age. However, despite the challenges that may exist, most of the individuals advocate for education using the computer system. Some of the effects associated with computer system of education include their ability to accelerate learning. ...
The learning conditions while using computers is favorable as one has the opportunity of choosing a friendly environment to study especially while using private computers. It is by using computers that the desired changes in pedagogy will be possible (Postman 15). The use of computers in education over time raised debates as many people began to criticize its use by adolescents and children. This regarded the use of computers in high school and primary schools. However, some individuals supported computer use in schools and at home. Those in support of education by computer state that, with computers, it will enhance achievement by students. In addition, they claim that it is essential to use computer in teaching students at an early age to avoid the possibility of lagging behind. This is possible because, schools get computers from business communities trying to facilitate corporate social responsibility. This means that tuition fees get some subsidy, hence affordable to a majority. Parents also claim that, because of incorporation of education by computers at an early age, it helps ensure that creation of high tech world for a better tomorrow work force. The use of the internet enables students to be close to teachers, students from other schools, and be connected with other professionals globally (Ortega and Bravo 9). In addition, it will ensure that students are up to-date regarding issues happening. The idea of education by computer, when analyzed critically, is a noble idea. This will help to speed up education and learning. At the same time, use of the internet will make the users up to date regarding issues happening globally. Despite all the positive results associated with education by computers, there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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