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Shared student shopping system The 21st century continues to present solutions, through technology, to prevalent problems around the world. Computer systems simplify the undertaking of tiring responsibilities that would have consumed a lot of time. Shopping has become one of those activities easily carried out through an interfacing system…
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Shared Student Shopping System
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Download file to see previous pages This shall ensure students utilise the system significantly once it becomes operational. PACT analysis People The system targets students living in shared accommodation. Shopping malls and supermarkets shall adopt the system through which grocery orders shall be received from students. The system shall be available online, and accessible from computers as well as other devices with internet connection like mobile phones. Availability of the system online would attract a surmountable number of students into using the system. Majority of these students own, and have access to these devices. The students shall be able to order through an online system from devices of their choice. This immensely simplifies the shopping experience as individuals can choose favourite devices to use. Since students extensively use the internet, accessing this system shall become part of their routine. Individual differences of people shall be catered for through the freedom to access the system using devices of one’s choice. Majority of the targeted population can efficiently operate computers and mobile phone. These people also possess enough knowledge of the internet. The individuals, therefore, shall not require familiarisation training before using the system. The system provides guidelines for users to interface with the program controlling the system. With the system utilising commonly used devices, motivation for individuals to utilise the shopping system shall increase significantly. Activities The activities to be undertaken by the system revolve around purchasing grocery. The system contains a list of grocery items commonly used in households. Offering a list to choose from reduces the chances of forgetting an item when purchasing. A person may also remember a required item appearing on the system list. The system allows individuals to search for availability of required groceries. The supermarket database indicates the remaining amounts of stock. This allows buyers to order for available groceries only. Following every order received the system records that a purchased stock is needed. When the order becomes complete, the system produces a virtual list of all items requested. Against each item an indication of availability appears. The buyer could effectively erase items not available while retaining the ones available. At this stage the buyer gets an opportunity to review items requested. Upon reviewing, additions or subtractions of items could be performed. If no amendments required the system requests the buyer to confirm order. The order then is sent, via the internet, to the relevant grocery store awaiting delivery. These activities reduce the time taken to travel to grocery stores, and energy for carrying the groceries to the residence. Context The context of this system lies in establishing a reliable online shopping system. The congestion of people within supermarkets and other grocery stores necessitates a different approach towards grocery purchasing. There appears to be an increasing need to change the shopping habits of individuals aimed at reducing the congestion. This system allows individuals to make grocery orders at the comfort of their residence. The activity may also be carried out in remote locations outside residences. The ability to undertake these activities without physical presence at shopping malls simplifies shopping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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