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Ethics In Information Technology - Research Paper Example

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This research paper aims at analysis, in which the researcher states that computer ethics is a subdivision of practical viewpoints, which deals with how computing professionals ought to make decisions concerning professional and social conduct and entails the moral guidelines or standards…
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Ethics In Information Technology
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Download file to see previous pages the human embryos. In addition, this is because embryos have status as divine creations and being potential persons. Moreover, taking a blastocyst and removing the nuclei to obtain an embryonic stem cell is equivalent to murder (Singer 45-97). Thus, I believe that furtherance of stem cell research would lead to a much greater potential harm, a lack of respect for all religious and cultural beliefs who believes that life begins at conception and are against abortion. This is in contravention to computer ethics that advocate for respect for societal values in the use of computer technology. Moreover, it leads to use of computers to destroy and harm other people, which is in contravention to the computer ethics. There are also ethical issues relating to use or applications of stem cells. This is because there should be respect for the donor who donated the stem cell in any future use and application of it. This should entail giving of informed consent, and respect for privacy and confidentiality of personal data. In addition, I am of the opinion that precautionary measures and ethical considerations should be considered in stem cell banks. This is because of the confidential and personal data involved and any bleach would leakage of such information would subject the donors to unwarranted exposure and persecution by opponents of stem cell research. Thus, these banks should be protected against computer hackers break-ins. Consequently, measures should be taken to defend and preserve the identity of both the donor and the recipient in stem cell research and use (Kristina and Goran 232). This is in line with computer ethics, which requires that advocate for the maintenance of confidentiality of...
Today, ethical standards may be categorized into copyright and intellectual property, Netiquette, and the general day-to-day ethics and have been summarized into the Ten Commandments for computer ethics by Computer Ethics Institute. In the current age of information technology, computers have been applied in varied disciplines including medicine in the field of embryonic stem cell research. Stem cell research has been the most remarkable latest advances. There have been a great debate relating to the ethical perspective of carrying out the stem cell research. There are several possible sources for stem cells, the utilization of human embryos as a source for stem cells has been the focus of strong moral dispute. In this research paper, I will seek to explore the ethical issues relating to stem cell research relating to computer usage stating my standing. There has been an immense deal of scientific concern recently created by research on human stem cells. The cloned embryo would then be used as a source of stem cells, which would be a genetic match for that donor. This procedure is intended to counter the problem of rejection immune system. In conclusion, whether destructive embryonic stem cell research is ethical or not depend on choices available, and how their specific advantages and weakness balance out. This means that ethical position is a substance of considering the danger of further eroding the respect due to potential life against the possible, therapeutic benefits that are hoped for from such research. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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