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Web applications development - Research Paper Example

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A web based application is a program which is used simply through an active web link and that uses HTTP as a medium of communication.Therefore we can say that web based applications are software products that allow website users to send and receive data or information to and from a database using a web browser…
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Web applications development
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Download file to see previous pages A web based application is a program which is used simply through an active web link and that uses HTTP as a medium of communication.Therefore we can say that web based applications are software products that allow website users to send and receive data or information to and from a database using a web browser. Additionally, the web based applications have been utilized as the web technology and achieved typical recognition. In addition, a web based application allows us to access our corporate data and information from anyplace across the globe at anytime. Thus, this feature of web application gives us the opportunity to spend less time, save finance and enhance communication with our business associates and clients (Acunetix), (Nations) and (Tarawneh, Elsheikh and Lahawiah). Moreover, a typical web based application works like three layer fashion. In this scenario, the initial layer is usually a user interface or some sort of web browser. The 2nd layer comprises the useful information development technology based tool for instance Active Server Pages (ASP) or JSP. The 3rd layer holds the database part which is responsible for the information and customer data including credentials and credit card information (Acunetix), (Nations) and (Tarawneh, Elsheikh and Lahawiah). This report presents a detailed analysis of web based applications, their working frameworks, client-server architecture, advantages and disadvantages of client-server architecture. This report will also discuss web based application architecture and its importance in businesses....
It is a network arrangement wherein every computer on the network is either a server or a client. In this scenario, client systems offer an interface to permit a user to demand vital services residing on the server as well as show the results given back by the server. Additionally, servers offer different services to the clients like file services, printing services, and storage services. In addition, servers generally expect requests to come from clients and afterward answer them accordingly. Preferably, a server offers a consistent visible interface to their clients in order that clients don’t need to know about the information of the system (specifically, program and hardware) that is offering the required service. However, these days’ clients are frequently placed at PCs or workstations, whereas servers are positioned in a different place on the networking environment, typically on more dominant and reliable machines (Encyclop?dia Britannica), (Urgaonkar, Pacifici and Shenoy) and (Kioskea). 2-Tier Architecture 2-tier architecture is implemented to explain client/server arrangement. In this architecture a client sends requests for services and the server replies openly to the arrived request, by means of its personal resources and services. It implies that a server provides services on its own and will not ask an additional request in an attempt to offer the fraction of resources (Encyclop?dia Britannica), (Urgaonkar, Pacifici and Shenoy) and (Kioskea). Figure1. 2-Tier Architecture, Image Source: 3-Tier Architecture In 3-tier architecture, a middle level is distinguished. It implies that the architecture is usually divided ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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