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Enterprise social networks - Essay Example

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Social media acts as a great equalizer. The educational institutions can utilize the social media and promote themselves without spending money and small colleges can also become popular instantly. …
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Enterprise social networks
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Download file to see previous pages Social media acts as a great equalizer. The educational institutions can utilize the social media and promote themselves without spending money and small colleges can also become popular instantly. There are many small colleges and educational institutes who have posted videos of their courses and online classes to create small advertisement with the resources available within the institute and uploaded them on YouTube or Facebook. Those videos received huge number of likes and the institutions became popular instantly. This study is based on utilizing social media networking for higher education and students in the universities and colleges. The cost for promotion through social networking sites is negligible and it is very easy to understand and handle. This will surely reduce the internal cost of the universities and colleges. Introduction The concept of enterprise social networking involves the usage of social networks or various social relations on the internet for various business or personal purposes. Enterprise social networking basically works on the Web 2.0 platform. It is since 1990s the inception of social networking sites were seen in the world market. The first website motivating this concept was in the year 1995. This website was only accessible by the registered users, but the website became available for general public usage from 1998. Since then many networking sites have come up for providing a common platform to share information (Uhomoibhi, 2006, pp. 4-14). However, the challenge was that internet, computers and related technology were not so much in use. People could neither easily afford them, nor were they considered important in daily lives of grown-up or any student. Eventually after the penetration of technology, World Wide Web and lightening fast speed of information, social networking mediums surfaced once again (Ernst & Young, 2012). The development of social networking and its rising popularity has been observed in the 2000s. Nowadays social sites like MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more have become synonyms for social media industry. The popularity associated with social media is growing with the passing days and it is connecting more and more people on the basis of their preferences, similar purchase habits, likes and dislikes. Whether it is some news ticker that is promoting the view or news of some anchors or journalist on Twitter, social media is utilised everywhere and in every way. The latest insights revealed by a famous research firm Nielsen on social media networking and marketing states these above mentioned facts. USA claims to have 80 percent of the blog and social media users among the American countries (Nielsen, 2011). The time consumption of the students, youngsters, and also elders on the social media is increasing every day. For example about 60 percent of the customers who use more than two to three digital means definitely use social media as a means of research when they go out to buy products or avail services (Nielsen, 2011). The brief introduction above clearly explains the scenario of the global market and also the penetration level of social media in our daily lives. Social media has penetrated in every field and industry. However, to narrow down the analysis, the discussion in this study would specifically include the usage of social media by students in schools, institutions, colleges, etc. A literary analysis of social media strategies and its four pillars would support the discussion further. Apart from this the probable role that social media can play in educational sector specifically in schools, university would also be evaluated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Enterprise Social Networks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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