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Captive World Animals in Zoo - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Captive World Animals in Zoo" describes the animals' condition in the zoo, their rights on protection, securing natural habitations, zoo management strategies involving prevention of inbreeding and avoidance of overpopulation. The author outlines the best way to conserve wild animals…
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Extract of sample "Captive World Animals in Zoo"

Download file to see previous pages Proponents also argue that, for all the endangered species in the world, the Zoo offers an environment that encourages love in the zoo, thus preventing the extinction of such animals. Additionally, in the zoo, animals are guaranteed safety and secured breeding.
The animals first came into the zoo as a gift to the government and their increase in numbers led to a reluctant acceptance. According to Mann (2), the animal gifts were from different United States army officers in the US National Museum’s department of living animals curated by William Hornaday. However, the gifts exceeded the space provided and they were overcrowded and steam-heated temporarily, and the condition worsened with overcrowding from site-seers. In order to reduce the congestion, some animals were sent to zoological gardens that had been established in New York, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia among other places. As congestion increased in the parks, expansion was done. However, the animals brought to the zoos did not adapt to the zoo life immediately and remained wild to the extent of attacking visitors. With the presence of zoos, the government sought to increase the number of animals, but could not buy them for lack of funds, hence resulted in collecting them from different parts of the world. The zoos were to be used as places where people could visit to see the animals that were both in America and those from other continents as a way of learning and familiarizing themselves (Mann 354). Some of the collected animals included vultures, kangaroos, elephants, bears, warthogs, leopards, and antelopes among others. Beside been provided as gifts, animals had to live in zoos that reflect their natural surroundings, especially for the birds. For instance, the Penguins were used to the Antarctic climate and had to be kept in refrigerated quarters, while eagles had to live in surroundings characterized by numerous trees. In the end, zoos contained a representative collection of reptiles, birds, and mammals with exhibits of both birds and reptiles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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