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The author provides an employment research about Marriot hotel. One ought to know the business venture the hotel is involved in so as to know if one’s skills can earn them a job at the hotel. The information can also be helpful to the person attending an interview for a job in the hotel…
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Employment Research about Marriot Hotel
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Employment research Doha Hotel in the Marriott Marquis Centre is a tourism, hospitality and travel industry situated in the Middle East area (Aljaam,et al., 2008). Soaring over the West Bay business district, this modern hotels exclusive location has panoramic outlooks of the skyline of Doha, Arabian Sea along with the Corniche. Being top among the hotels in the city, it is proud of 577 guestrooms counting 120 comfy Doha apartment collections with top notch amenities to guarantee a contented stay for leisure and business. Unwind with recharge in outstanding on-site dining alternatives that features award winning eateries in Doha, a tempting indoor and outdoor pool, high-tech fitness center, as well as our Saray Spa (Aljaam,et al, 2008).
The hotel was founded by J. Willard along with Alice Marriott and managed by Marriott family administration for more than 80 years. The business has headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and reports revenues of almost $13 billion in the financial year 2013. The year 1927 saw J. Willard Marriott open the nine-stool root beer stand. The stand grew into the Hot Shoppes eatery chain and developed into the present Marriott International hotel company ("Doha Prepares for the Opening of Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel," n.d.). In the next 58 years, he constructed the Marriott product on a basis of guiding standards that stay entrenched in the business’s culture presently. At the moment, Alex Kyriakidis is the hotel’s leader and managing director.
The organization’s Vision Statement is: Growing globally and opening up a world of experiences, as well as opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. The organization is as well driven to constantly challenge the status quo as well as anticipate its customers’ varying needs with new brands, new guest experiences and new global locations ("US General Error," n.d.). On the other hand, Mission statement of the organization is: “We support the communities where we work and live”. Marriott International puts its focus on five worldwide: social issues: the environment, poverty alleviation, the wellbeing of children, community workforce development, and global diversity and inclusion ("Marriott Marquis City Center Hotel Doha (Doha, Qatar) -," n.d.).
The Marriot Hotels has been taking part in some cooperate social responsibilities (CSR). The hotel and associates have shown support for national Red Cross as well as Red Crescent societies by making contributions to disaster relief efforts, taking part in blood drives, as well as raising finances for local programs ("Marriott Marquis City Center Doha (Qatar) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor," n.d.). Additionally, Marriott associates have volunteered to assist in building Habitat homes in at least 15 countries in association with Habitat for Humanity International; a nonprofit organization that aims in eliminating poverty housing as well as homelessness from the world. ("Marriott Marquis City Center Doha (Qatar) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor," n.d.).
Apart from the hotel business Marriot Marquis Hotel has also been involved in some other business ventures. The hotel has been in the frontline to promoting environmental conservation. The hotel has hosted conferences campaigning on conserving the environment ("Marriott Marquis City Center Hotel Doha (Doha, Qatar) -," n.d.).The Marriott Marquis hotel has been awarded 22 media and industry awards. Marriott’s new content studio has partnered with the Marriott hotels to produce a film dubbed “Two Bellmen” that is planned to be released on worldwide on 10th March 2015.
Marriot Marquis faces stiff competition from the surrounding hotels in the Middle East known for their world class services ("US General Error," n.d.). The Oryx Rotana Hotel has been named as the best hotel in the Middle East and is the major competitor of the Marriot Marquis Hotel Doha ("US General Error," n.d.). In addition, being a large organization, the Marriot Marquis Hotel has around 1000 employees working in various locations.
For a person seeking a job at Marriot hotel, the above information is useful. One ought to know the business venture the hotel is involved in so as to know if one’s skills can earn them a job at the hotel. The above information can also be helpful to the person attending an interview for a job in the hotel. Knowing the background of the workplace gives one an upper hand during an interview. I would love to work with Marriot Marquis Hotel. The hotel, being a 5-star hotel does justice to their employees ("Marriott Marquis City Center Doha (Qatar) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor," n.d.). I would also love to work with the Hotel because of its involvement in the environmental conversation.
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