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Palomar Hotel's overall property and operation description - Research Paper Example

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The hotel is located in between Mark Street and Mission Street in San Francisco. The hotel has 195 guest rooms and suits which show the hotel does business in large scale. It offers accommodation. The organization has…
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Palomar Hotels overall property and operation description
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Extract of sample "Palomar Hotel's overall property and operation description"

Palomar Hotels overall property and operation Overall property and operation Answer A
Palomar Hotel is related with a premium hotel business. The hotel is located in between Mark Street and Mission Street in San Francisco. The hotel has 195 guest rooms and suits which show the hotel does business in large scale. It offers accommodation. The organization has divided its accessible accommodation into three parts; those are King Deluxe with Roll in Shower, Accessible Double Double Deluxe and Accessible Deluxe Suite. Areas of the suits are quite big and they vary from 315- 625 square foot (PALOMAR). Customers of the hotel get several services or amenities like in-room spa facilities and wellness services. The hotel offers free Yoga mats in all the rooms. The organization has onsite fitness centre which remains open 24*7 for the customers of the hotel. In their in-room spa services the hotel offers message treatments, body treatments and facial treatments. It shows the focus of the hotel towards the wellness of the customers. Unique services related with the pets of the customers are also unprecedented that Palomar offers. The hotel takes special care of the pets of the visiting customers (Bing and John 112-117). The hotel provides sophisticated luxury experiences to customers and also provides simple elegant services to them. The business purpose of this hotel is to provide an elegant, sophisticated experience to the customers and to offer unique services to them. With its large scale operation the organization manages large number of employees. The hotel has rich history and it was founded in 1981. State of the art facilities, different modern services and the geographic location of the hotel are the significant competitive advantages of Palomar. ADR of the hotel is $ 4.7 million.
Answer B
All the information given in the above section is significantly important for the customers because all those information will help them to identify the scale of operation of the hotel. It will make them aware about the different services that the hotel offers to its customers. The information related with different signature items of the hotel will inform the guests about the level of special offering to customers. Special offerings showcase the uniqueness of the hotel. The history of the hotel will create a brand image in the minds of the guests. It will create a sense of trust in among of the customers and they will be able to know the rich culture and back ground of the hotel. ADR is a metric which will indicate average realized room rental of the hotel to the customers. The full form of ADR is average daily rate. This ADR will help the customers to understand the current trend of the hotel and it will provide a competitive picture about Palomar hotel. Customers can analyze the services and can make their decisions by following the ADR of the hotel. Information related with the size of the room will make the customers aware about the comfort level of the hotel rooms. Knowledge related with the working hours of fitness centre will inform the customers about the committed wellness services of the hotel towards their guests. Customers can work out at any time of the day and can manage all their busy schedules. Divisions in the accessible accommodation indicate that there are some services and price related differences that the customers can experience from three types of rooms.
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