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Solutions of Slow Housekeeping Services In Palomar Hotel - Research Paper Example

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 The aim of the study is to develop the two solutions of staff training and improvement of Property Management Systems in order to address the problem of slow housekeeping services at Palomar Hotel. In the wake of these challenges, the hotel stands to lose customers to the competition…
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Solutions of Slow Housekeeping Services In Palomar Hotel
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Download file to see previous pages  According to the customer comments from the data collection, the time taken for cleaning a room, the delays in response to customer calls, and the delays of delivering extra towels indicate the slow performance of housekeeping service to customer needs. Therefore, Palomar Hotel needs to solve the situation of above slow services problem to avoid major effects on customer satisfaction. There are two effective solutions to improve the slow housekeeping service, which are additional training for the staff that deals with housekeeping services, and the upgrading of the Property Management Systems (PMS). Additional Training
Additional training to the staff to provide more refresher information to guide them in responding to customer requests will improve the level of speed with which housekeeping services are conducted. Additional training will enable the employees to learn how to handle customer request and the response to give to ensure the customer feels attended to. In providing the additional training, the provision of cleaning services for the rooms is enhanced. The staff is educated on the right times to handle cleaning and retain cleaning material nearby to handle any requests for cleaning services.When a customer call is received, the procedure that it follows to ensure a response is provided is vital. Additional training to equip the staff with confidence and the right attitude to work will provide the staff with motivation that will help increase their speed and efficiency.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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