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Employees as Assets for Business Organizations and the Role of the Human Resources Managers - Book Report/Review Example

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The aim of the study is to discuss and evaluate the Drucker’s view in the context of the HR Managers’ contribution to managing both employee diversity and employee development and to conduct a literature review on the concepts of human resources management and their role in managing employees …
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Employees as Assets for Business Organizations and the Role of the Human Resources Managers
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Extract of sample "Employees as Assets for Business Organizations and the Role of the Human Resources Managers"

Download file to see previous pages Peter Drucker always believed that employees are the most important assets for an organization, and not liabilities (Drucker et al 2011).
While in most cases there are no documented facts that employees are most essential assets for an organization, yet when companies realize this fact, the overall performance of the organization improves upon significantly, thereby maximizing their profits. Companies in the current times and that which are targeting to create their positions in the industry in the near future, consider employees as the most important assets as without them it is not possible for an organization to continuously achieve success and development. Hence investment in the employees is focused on these companies. Also, it is essential to keep the employees motivated, for which the employers and the human resources management team need to take measures to keep the work environment suitable for the employees to remain satisfied along with fulfillment of their needs and demands (Tompkins 2001).
Human resources management is largely associated with employees and their management and development within an organization. It is the role of the human resources management to realize the needs and demands of the employees and accordingly consider the measures that would keep the employees motivated and encouraged such that they continue giving their best efforts for the accomplishment of organizational goals (Deckop 2006). When organizational employees are considered, it can be understood that they come from different cultures and backgrounds and hence are diverse requiring effective training and development measures to match their efforts with the goals of the organization (Romanenko 2012). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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