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Leadership and Organization: Leadership Assessment - Assignment Example

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The author of the "Leadership and Organization: Leadership Assessment" paper analyzes the leadership style of a senior executive in the author's organization who made a positive or negative impact on him/her, analyzes the organizational structure and culture of the company for which he/she works. …
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Leadership and Organization: Leadership Assessment
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Organization: Leadership Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Involved in sales, he motivates people and teaches them techniques through informal training on techniques and strategies for selling. A coaching leader is defined by Benincasa as one who develops people and “build lasting personal strengths that make them more successful” and promotes the “try this” phrase. The training was perceived motivating by staff in the beginning. After a few months however, he would demand greater performance and sales output. In time, he became a coercive leader, demanding immediate and unreasonable compliance to unrealistic sales targets he has determined. As Benincasa put it, “this style is summed up by the phrase, ‘Do what I tell you’” (2012).

His leadership style left a negative impression on me and developed resentment from staff as his directives gradually dictated how people should go about their jobs. The sense of independence of approach to selling by staff was not allowed and they should go about their jobs according to his standards and practice. This resentment towards our manager gradually evolved in absenteeism and low morale of the staff as they were always criticized for not going about their work in the fashion he has dictated.

Ying Tat Leung and Jesse Bockstedt (Dec 2009) divided the analysis of organizational structures into four components - activities and processes, organization, strategy and marketing. Activities and processes involves “actual action within the enterprise; organization are entities and relationships involved in the structure; strategy is anything related to the enterprise’s purpose and objectives; and marketing are entities and relationships relevant to sales and customers”. The culture in a workplace can be analyzed through the prevailing cultural perspective, values and assumptions of the staff (W. Gibb Dyer Jr., 1982).  Perspective is the groups’ set of actions in dealing with problem areas; explicit values including accepted approaches are values; and, values reflect the relationships and nature of the staff members. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership and Organization: Leadership Assessment Assignment - 1.
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Leadership and Organization: Leadership Assessment Assignment - 1.
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