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The Movements of Employees at Work Abstract - Essay Example

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The paper “The Movements of Employees at Work Abstract” will look at the employee monitoring, which is a moral dilemma. The use of electronic communication has gained prominence in the modern workplace. It is also an area that attracts scrutiny from managers and business owners…
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The Movements of Employees at Work Abstract
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Download file to see previous pages Employee monitoring can be defined as the act of surveillance and monitor employees’ actions during stipulated working hours by use of employer equipment (Stanton & Stam, 2006). It entails the use of computers to record, evaluate and observe an employees’ use of a computer, plus communications like websites visited and emails sent or received besides telephone calls made. However, it is legal for employers to use computer programs to monitor employees (Duquenoy, Jones & Blundell, 2008). Employee surveillance has gained prominence as a prerequisite and in the same breath a contentious issue due to the complexity and prevalent use of technology in the workplace. Employers are worried about employees’ proper behavior and conformity to work-related regulations. Hence some critics believe employee monitoring is an inalienable responsibility. To others, it is an invasion of privacy. Managers employ different ways of monitoring employees’ internet use, emails, and their location to capitalize on employee productivity, uphold the integrity of the firm and to defend the interest of clientele and workmates (Duquenoy, Jones & Blundell, 2008). When managers start to probe into employees’ private life, mistrust and acrimony are built between employees’ and managers. Many workers have lost their employment and a lot more companies have had to face lawsuits filed against them because people believe that the use of internal company communications should remain confidential (Bassick, 2007).
Managers and owners of private firms have had several reasons to scrutinize the activities of their employees. Some are driven by the displeasure when employees misuse company money and waste time to carry out non-work related tasks.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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