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Strategic Human Resorce Management - Research Paper Example

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This research begins with the statement that the designation that was chosen in the context of the task under consideration is the Director of a Senior Citizen Home. It will be academically relevant to delve into the functions that a Senior Citizen Home is expected to perform…
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Strategic Human Resorce Management
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that Senior Citizen Homes are the institutions that are expected to render the additional daily care that the senior citizens require. Senior Citizen Homes are just the right option for the aged who are not able to lead an independent life. Besides, the Senior Citizen Homes provide the day to day domestic assistance like nursing care, laundry, food, nutrition, and daily activities. Moreover, the employees serving in the Senior Citizen Homes do have the right expertise and skills needed to facilitate the medical procedures and care required by the aged. No doubt, opting for a Senior Citizen Home could turn out to be an intensely emotional decision for an individual. The Senior Citizen Homes tend to be large and diverse organizations catering to the needs and requirements of a large pool of employees and customers. Hence, like any other viable health care institution, Senior Citizen Homes face a wide range of human resource and operational challenges. One big challenge for the Senior Citizen Homes is to cope with the soaring food, goods and services cost. The aged, who reside in the Senior Citizen Homes, do expect value for the money spent by them. However, considering the contemporary recessionary trends, backed by high inflation, it could get really challenging for an HR administrator serving a Senior Citizen Home to be able to extend high-quality goods and services to the customers while managing high costs. Another big problem faced by the healthcare institutions around the United States of America is the shortage of qualified and skilled personnel. A great many factors are responsible for the shrinking pool of trained personnel employed in the Senior Citizen Homes. One big issue faced by the Senior Citizen Homes is to retain their precarious pool of health and other personnel. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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