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International Human Resources - Research Paper Example

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The aims of this study are defined by asking which region will work more effectively in the distribution of human resource management at an international level, specifically by looking at Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. The aim is to find which is more suitable for international management…
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International Human Resources
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Download file to see previous pages The aims of this study are defined by asking which region will work more effectively in the distribution of human resource management at an international level, specifically by looking at Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. The aim is to find which is more suitable for international management. The objectives which are associated with this include:
By looking at the multiple dimensions that affect both Singapore and Bangkok, there is the ability to understand what is associated with each group and how this affects the growth of both regions. This determination will assist in compensating with the right region while allowing any corporation to move into the right area for stability and growth among human resources in an international pool.
The concept of international human resources management is one that is more pertinent today than in the past. This began in 1990 when an emergence of multinational corporations began to move into various overseas locations. Outsourcing became a large part of this, specifically with many that associated other countries with lower currencies and costs, while opening the international market to exchange. During the initial movement of multinational corporations in overseas areas were also expectations that were linked to using resources in the correct manner. Cultural gaps, implications of what was expected and different organizational environments and business structures created complexities and problems with the initial use of human resources for businesses.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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