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Recruiting , Selecting and Orienting the Right People - Research Paper Example

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This paper examines the tasks and strategies needed to be able to find people for key positions in a medium-sized high tech firm facing stiff competition. Proper forecasting, job analysis, and preliminary activities are required to be completed to get the best out of the lot…
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Recruiting , Selecting and Orienting the Right People
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Download file to see previous pages The present paper has identified that before heading on to the task of defining and chalking out appropriate strategies, it is essential to take a careful and descriptive look at what factors are being presented by the current environment and what constraints might put hurdles in a selection of one strategy or the other. Also, some factors might support the choice of one or more strategies for recruitment, selection or induction. As given, the organization in question is medium-sized high technology firm. It obviates the need to incorporate cost-effectiveness in the process of recruitment, selection, and orientation because being a technology-intensive firm; it would not like its majority of funds to be invested in other organizational activities. Technology is fast changing and investment needs to be done to remain competitive in the technological market. Furthermore, prevailing situations reinforce the need of people who are zealous and ambitious to take on more responsibilities and carry on multitasking as job duties will change with every single project assigned. An instance of stiff competition highlights the scarcity of skilled people in the labor market and as such, securing cost-effectiveness in the entire process will be a mammoth task. Theoretically, recruitment is a positive drive of creating the pool of competent candidates which are found to have fulfilled the job criteria and possess the necessary qualifications and abilities. Before proceeding for actual recruitment, it is first necessary to find out the demand. In this regard, forecasting will be done by the use of the computerized system which is obvious in a high technology firm. There are a number of recruitment techniques to choose from. However, their applicability differs on parameters of cost, effectiveness, and relevance. The figure in the paper depicts the most common recruitment techniques. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Recruiting , Selecting and Orienting the Right People Research Paper.
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