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Personal management - Essay Example

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The paper discusses the case of Vitamond which is a company based in the United Kingdom and produces drinks that are non alcoholic and healthy in nature. The organization has plans to grow big and establish its presence in another country where its drinks will be appreciated as…
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Personal management
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Extract of sample "Personal management"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the report also identifies some features related to culture and norms that need to be catered to as well.
Vitamond is a manufacturing concern that produces non alcoholic drinks in order to promote a healthy lifestyle among people. This organization has grown by leaps and bounds based on the premise on which they sell their drinks. At this point in time, Vitamond has a secret formula based on which it produces flavored drinks which are healthy and tasty. These drinks are then exported to various European countries and in the North America. Because of the immense success of the organization, the management has decided to branch off into another country and start producing these drinks in another similar country. The choices that the management has include France and Germany of which Germany has been chosen as the country in which another manufacturing set up will be established.
The opportunity in Germany is such that another manufacturing plant is going to be established there along with a possibility of a warehouse. In addition to that, on the operational level, about two hundred and fifty people will be employed, who will be part of administration, management and production in this set up. A local subsidiary set up has been done to monitor and administer the manufacturing plant in Germany. In addition that, an expatriate from United Kingdom has been sent to Germany to head the business unit that has been established in the country. Moreover, another expatriate will also be sent who will act as the quality assurance manager for the manufacturing plant. This paper aims to define the various human resource practices that would be required in order to help manage the personnel within the organization in Germany. In addition, the paper also aims to identify the various practices that are part of Germany and how they need ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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