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The Three Components of Motivation Defined by Arnold - Book Report/Review Example

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In this report, I have described a real workplace situation, which I encountered when two volunteers in the organisation were hired. The basic problem is that after working a few days with the company, the two volunteers have indulged in unethical behaviour…
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The Three Components of Motivation Defined by Arnold
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Download file to see previous pages I encountered a problem at work regarding two volunteers. The two persons came to my company with the intention of becoming project workers in the substance misuse field. They were quickly introduced to members of staff and were told that in order to start working in this field they would have to start work primarily in reception answering calls, taking messages and greeting clients. They were told that this was necessary as the reception was the frontline and a great way of knowing whether or not this work was for them. The reason for hiring them as volunteers were that they might encounter aggressive clients and clients who for want of better words had no patience. Both of them were introduced to who were the first aiders and were shown where the fire exits were but that was it. The administrator at the time spent a few hours with them in reception talking them through the internal email system and how to answer a call after that they were told they could start. One of the volunteers started doing a three day week the other two. From the 5 working days, they were together on two of them which were our busiest days. They were told our start hours but were told that as they were volunteering they could start at 10 instead of 9:30 and that is was alright if they were a little bit late and it was also ok for them to leave a little early. At first, they started well coming in on time etc. However, after a little while, they began using the phone for personal use frequently. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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