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Analysis of Fein and Spencers Study and Sutton and Hargadons 1996 - Assignment Example

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The paper "Analysis of Fein and Spencer’s Study and Sutton and Hargadon’s 1996 " states that Sutton and Hargadon’s 1996 paper is about group brainstorming as part of company strategies to produce ideas. The paper discusses the effects of brainstorming in groups and the effectiveness of such a procedure…
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Analysis of Fein and Spencers Study and Sutton and Hargadons 1996
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Fein and Spencers Study and Sutton and Hargadons 1996"

Download file to see previous pages Fein and Spencer’s study is hinged on two independent variables. Firstly, the initial task where participants take the affirming or non-affirming test (the ‘manipulation of affirmation’) and secondly, the variation of the interviewee (the ‘manipulation of target’s ethnicity’) (Fein & Spencer, 32-3). Altering the variables of both the test (affirming or non-affirming) and the Jewish/Italian portrayals of the interviewee are the independent factors of the research.
The dependent variables were measured using scales. Data of both the personality of the candidate and the suitability of the candidate for the job were obtained using seven-point scales by which the participants note how strongly they agree with descriptions or specific statements about the job candidate.
Analysis of variance, otherwise known as ANOVA, was used to test for statistical significance in the study. ANOVA method is useful for determining the variation between two or more means (as suitable for this study) as opposed to commonly used t-tests which only reliably analyses two means.
The main findings of the study support the hypotheses. The results of the assessment of the candidate’s personality were not significantly affected by the affirmation test. The results, however, were significant concerning the ‘manipulation of target’s ethnicity’ (Fein & Spencer, 33) and a more negative approach and the appraisal was attributed to the candidate when depicted as a Jew. Moreover, the results proved more supportive of the hypothesis by showing that those candidates who were not affirmed reacted more negatively towards the Jewish portrayed candidate than any other participants of the study.
Similar patterns were revealed when assessing the candidate’s suitability for the job. The group of participants that weren’t affirmed offered more negative feedback than the affirmed participants, in the face of the candidate’s qualifications. The ethnic manipulation resulted in more positive feedback arising when participants believed the job candidate to be Italian rather than Jewish.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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