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Goals of the HRM Department - Research Paper Example

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It is evidently clear from the research paper “Goals of the HRM Department” that one of the major goals of the human resource department of an organization is to respect, evaluate and properly utilize positive sides of the employee collectivism. …
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Goals of the HRM Department
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Extract of sample "Goals of the HRM Department"

Download file to see previous pages The author of the paper tells that as globalization has resulted in cultural intercourse to a greater extent compared to the past and it also created huge impact over existing work culture of a particular nation, (Warr, 2007, p. 287) several changes have also occurred at the International human resource management context. The idea of organizational culture is gaining importance in understanding the companies and their structure. (Beaumont, 1993, p.36)  In current times, elements of culture and tradition are not sole determining factors for identifying human resource management of a company but at the same time several other factors, including, socio-economic conditions, political and legal aspects have also become important factors that play a great role in determining human resource management of an organization or take a leading part when it comes to launching certain policies by the HRM department of an organization. Linda Holbeche, in her book, Aligning Human Resources and Business Strategy has rightly observed, “… corporate strategies tend not to be made in isolation – they should take into account the changing need of external stakeholders such as customers, the changing business environment, including markets and the critical resources needed to carry out the strategic aims. These critical resources include such factors as capital and technology, and increasingly rely on people – their brain power, access to information and the ability to learn new approaches.” (Holbeche, 2001, p. 83) While implementing strategies “Differentiation and customer service” have also been the main points of focus of HRM department of an organization. (Grundy and Brown, 2003, 36) While the human resource department of a company is about to take certain decisions, it needs to keep in mind both the external and internal factors that can also be consequently affected due to such decision-making process. Looking at the business scenario of United Kingdom, it is also understood easily that the organizations have also encouraged these aspects to enter the modern business scenario so that the decision-making process of the HRM department can facilitate organizational benefit as well as the welfare of the employees. In this context example of ChocCo can be cited. “The corporate culture of ChocCo is a result of its traditionally paternalistic employment practices.” (Storey, 1996, p. 73) Thus, since the 1980s onwards, to make the managerial functions more flexible for employees the organization has undergone the drastic change from its traditional approaches. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Goals of the HRM Department Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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