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The Impact of Business Partnering on the HR Function and HR Practice - Literature review Example

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This paper talks that the business world has grown and spread over the years and a number of concepts, theories and practices have emerged in relation to improving the business functions of a company. The main aim of any Commercial based company is the making of profit and reduction of loss and thus there are a number of methods…
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The Impact of Business Partnering on the HR Function and HR Practice
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Download file to see previous pages This paper stresses that one can say that a great number of the various impacts that can be identified as a result of business partnering on the HR function are positive. This new practice allows for the expansion of the various HR practices that take place in an organization and can therefore be said to aid the Human Resource Management process through strengthening its capabilities and presence. The relationship between business partnering and Human Resource can not be ignored as it can be considered to be a symbiotic relationship whereby, each benefits from the other.
This report makes a conclusion that managing to do so will strengthen the success rate that a business will be able to enjoy as well as improve the business frame of the company through better tactics and management of resources. In order to find a way that these practices can work in harmony with one another however, one has to identify the impact that business partnering has on the HR practice and its various functions. In order to do this, it is essential that one understands the full context of both business partnering and Human Resource Management. By identifying what the two practices are one is able to understand their operations and the best way to integrate both systems into one unified network that is able to easily collaborate with each other. Human Resource Management can be termed as the management of an organizations workforce or employee base. (Nag, Hambrick & Chen, 2007). It deals with the relationship between the organization and its employees and the various subject matters that arise from such a relationship such as the hiring and firing of individuals among other criteria. The main aim of Human Resource Management is ensuring that the organization has a capable workforce that will allow it to carry out its operations without a problem (Conaty & Charan, 2011). In this regard, HRM can be considered to be the backbone of the operations that take place within an organization. It can be seen as one of the most important departments within an organization and thus it is essential that it is approached in the correct manner and with sustainable ideologies. A failure to do so may lead to the downfall of the organization as a result of a breakdown in operations. There are a number of responsibilities that are held by the HRM department and most of this are with regard ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Business Partnering on the HR Function and HR Practice Literature Review.
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