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The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World” the author focuses on the logic behind employee participation and empowerment, which is quite simple: by involving workers in those divisions that affect them and by increasing their autonomy and control over their work lives…
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The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World"

Download file to see previous pages Empowerment is the authority to make decisions within one’s area of operation without having to get approval; from anyone else. Here the operatives are encouraged to use their initiative to do things the way they like. To this end, the employees are given not just authority but resources as well so that they not only take decisions but implement them quickly. This empowerment means giving the employees the authority to make decisions and providing them with financial resources to implement these decisions (Koch & Godden, 1997 11).
Employee participation and empowerment participation means sharing the decision making power with the lower ranks of an organization in an appropriate manner (Lashley & McGoldrick, 1994, 35). When workers participate in organizational decisions they are able to see the big picture clearly and also how their actions would impact the overall growth of the company. They can offer feedback immediately based on their experiences and improve the quality of decisions greatly. Since they are now treated with respect, they begin to view the job and the organization as their own and commit themselves to organizational objectives wholeheartedly.
Organizational culture depends basically on its history, technology, industry, custom and practice, leadership style organization structure, etc. All organizations are unique and therefore have unique cultures.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World Assignment, n.d.)
The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World Assignment.
(The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World Assignment)
The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World Assignment.
“The Importance of Employee Empowerment in the Global World Assignment”.
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Thinking of empowerment as something that is given by the manager to the people, who report to him, is a wrong concept. Instead of giving empowerment to the employees as yet another task, the whole company should be converted to an empowerment model. This would simply mean to give the employee the ability to control his actions and work and take decisions in an independent manner. The environment of the organization should be such which fosters confidence in the employees to take responsibility for their work and all barriers which hinder employees to act in empowered ways should be removed. Hence, an empowered employee is one which has the ‘attribute of empowerment’ i.e. empowerment comes from within the individual (M...
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