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Correlation between Motivation and Efficiency - Research Paper Example

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The paper 'Correlation between Motivation and Efficiency' presents Exel Logistics which provides an insight regarding the means and ways of motivation and its impact on efficiency. It is essential for the workers to be motivated as there is a Hierarchy of Needs…
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Correlation between Motivation and Efficiency
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Extract of sample "Correlation between Motivation and Efficiency"

Download file to see previous pages It also has many warehouses to deliver chilled and frozen food to customers. It is highly unpleasant for the workers to work in the chilled warehouses. Just five years ago, one of the warehouses in Stroke-on-Trent introduced a new technical system that transformed the attitude of the workers and their efficiency.
Though the company spent almost £ 300,000 on installing a new system, it reckoned that by cutting down the mistakes and providing a better workplace for workers it could save that much amount in the first year itself. Prior to the installation of a new communication system, workers felt much boring with the old techniques of writing the movements of goods by a bit of paper and pencils. Apart from mistakes and errors that occurred while noting down the movements of goods, it was very uncomfortable for them to write numbers down even while wearing clumsy gloves or taking them off.
The new communication system in Exel Logistic consists of a central computer that is linked with headset and microphones that were handled by some workers who walked around. The computers indicated where goods deliveries need to go and gave directions to workers through their headsets. The workers had to confirm what they had done before receiving another instruction from the computer system.
The new system resulted to make as fast as 10000 deliveries per week and to maintain a better accuracy of about 99.8%. But the most noticeable thing was that the workers' efficiency per hour had increased from 115 to 129 compared to the previous year. Trainers felt that the basics of the system could be picked up within minutes, which seems to be an extra bonus when it comes to recruiting and training costs. According to a worker, it was a hundred times better.
In the era of globalization and competition, it is inevitable that the workers of any firm be highly motivated for achieving the set objectives. Motivation is regarded to be a force that makes workers be efficient and competitive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Correlation between Motivation and Efficiency Research Paper.
(Correlation Between Motivation and Efficiency Research Paper)
Correlation Between Motivation and Efficiency Research Paper.
“Correlation Between Motivation and Efficiency Research Paper”.
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