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HR Model That Can Measure if It Adds Value - Assignment Example

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In the paper “HR Model That Can Measure if It Adds Value” the author discusses human resource management, which is one of the emerging fields of business that has been crucial in the running of an organization.  The department is given the responsibility of taking care of the welfare of the employees…
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HR Model That Can Measure if It Adds Value
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Extract of sample "HR Model That Can Measure if It Adds Value"

Download file to see previous pages There has been a change of approach in the way that labor is reviewed in the organization and the modern perception emphasizes viewing labor as an investment and not as a commodity or resources. In this regard, labors have started to be seen as a made of creative and innovative social being who is able to give the organization a competitive edge. (Michael 2006, p. 42)
The term human resource has been changing to broader management and the concept of human capital has been applied more often in place of human resources. Therefore the modern perception of human labor has been changing the way organization have been handling their human capital to a more liberalized way. It has been realized that having a competitive workforce can be an important way which can ensure that an organization creates a competitive edge that other organization may find difficult to replicate.
Therefore the focus of modern human resource management has been looking at the ways in which the workforce can be motivated in order to have a more competent and motivated workforce. This has been shown to translate to a more productive workforce who increases the productivity of the organization. This is because intellectual capital has been shown to be more important than financial capital that an organization invests in its operation. The modern focus of human resource management has been towards harnessing all the investment a getting the maximum from all of them. The organization realized that its investment is not limited to only the financial input that it has put in the business but it goes beyond that to include human input. In some organizations, it has been found out that input in labor is bigger than capital input. (David 2007, p. 51)
Therefore the concept of modern human resource management has been based on the above issue. Human resource management has found its place in the management circle just recently but it has grown. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HR Model That Can Measure if It Adds Value Assignment.
(HR Model That Can Measure If It Adds Value Assignment)
HR Model That Can Measure If It Adds Value Assignment.
“HR Model That Can Measure If It Adds Value Assignment”.
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