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Employment Relations in the UK in the Past and Present - Coursework Example

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This paper "Employment Relations in the UK – in the Past and Present" discuss the importance of proper employment relations, employment relations in the U.K in the past, problems faced by all the stakeholders in employment relations, the influence of Europe on employment relations in the U.K, Present scenario and lessons learned from the past…
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Employment Relations in the UK in the Past and Present
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Extract of sample "Employment Relations in the UK in the Past and Present"

Download file to see previous pages Employment relations in the U.K, were a victim of improper communication between the stakeholders and the stakeholders pursuing their own interests rather than the common industry interests. As a result, the scene was chaotic and conflicts rose between the Union strongholds, management of various organizations and the Government. It is almost impossible to single out any part to blame but collectively employment relations suffered greatly, as a result, economic growth took the back seat and new employable areas almost vanished. When the situation looked grim and almost impossible to repair dramatic changes took place. Europe, which has adapted well to the call for change in Human relations has acted as a catalyst in the change movement that took place in the U.K. Surprisingly, stakeholders in Employment relations in the U.K, responded positively to the call for change and mended their ways. Situation bettered and employment relations are definitely looking clear and focused to let changes take place. What brought such a sudden change in their attitude is proper dialogue and an establishment of a transparent communication among the stakeholders. It is not that there is no communication system previously, They have learned what are the communication barriers which are hampering the process and they have successfully removed them. Change Management- the order of the day: The concept - employment relations bring out the participation of stakeholders in building healthy and prospective relationships. This academic essay focuses on identifying the stakeholders, their responsibilities, roles they have played and the type of transition that has taken place in U.K. In the present day industry to change is the norm of the day. Any organization which has remained static and resisted changes has been phased out. Human Relations Management over the last decade has learnt how to adapt to changing situations and guide the organization towards the achievement of its objectives by innovating and changing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employment Relations in the UK in the Past and Present Coursework.
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